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Film Scores

Scene in the first draft of the film titled Book of Leah, directed by Charlie Mattheu, written by Leslie Neilan and Alan Roth. Armand Assante plays a holocaust survivor and karate master who rebuilds the life of a young rape victim played by Brianna Joy Chomer. 

Scored by Peter Spero.  The theatrical trailer for the new Sole Productions faith-based comedy “Honest To God” from Robert Alaniz. The film stars Burke Sage, Polly Cassiday Doyle, Steve Parks and Larry Thomas as “Dr. Hajia” with Mimi Sagadin, Andrea Darlas, Tyler Burke, Brooke Galvan, Michaele Nicole, Kayla Kelly and Joette Waters as Anita Adams. Coming soon from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

The official theatrical trailer for Sole Productions’ “Heavens to Betsy 2” (2019) starring Karen Lesiewicz, Jim O’Heir, Steve Parks, Gary Gow, Chris Galvan and Francine Locke. Produced, written & directed by Robert Alaniz. Distributed by Gateway Films / Vision Video. Scored by Peter Spero

Scored for Spitfire Audio

Scored for Evenant

Written by Marina Pires
Commissioned by TheaterWorksUSA
Arranged by Luke Wygodny & Peter Spero
Orchestration by Peter Spero
Video Editing by Peter Spero

Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Scored by Peter Spero

Scored by Peter Spero
Filmed and edited by Peter Spero (Peter is a part 107 licensed drone pilot)

Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Scored by Peter Spero

Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Scored by Peter Spero

Music by Peter Spero