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Welcome to the official website for Peter Spero, all the things you want to know about my artistry, and much that you don’t want to know will all be here.




...the solo starts in your soul and travels to your hands, it flows from your hands to your instrument, and lands in the soul of your listener...soul to soul...

...and every note will tell a story, through every turn and bend, and the song will be our journey, from intro, to the end...

Peter Spero

The Rhythm Of Our Lives



Finished composing the music and creating films for Blocks To Bricks, a Museum/Art Galley featuring the works of Adam Reed Tucker.  Opening this spring at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL.

Completed the score for the feature length film Heavens To Betsy.  Written/Produced/Directed by Robert Alaniz.  Nominated for Best Movie Soundtrack by the Christian Worldview Film Festival, Nashville.

Contracted to score the sound track for Heavens To Betsy 2, filming has completed and I start composing in just a couple weeks.

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